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Collectors Hall of Fame

                        Welcome to the Baseball Collectors Hall Of Fame.
The Hall of Fame was created to honor and recognize Baseball Collectors for there personal quest to seek out,
unearth, catalog, and preserve the hidden artifacts, writings and treasures of baseball's glorious past.

2008 Inductee's Barry Halper , Miriam Jacobs

Barry Halper - Barry's passion came to encompass every sort of memorabilia: artwork, autographs, photographs,
uniforms, newsreels, books, movie posters, ticket stubs, and one of a kind memorabilia. Halpers sagga began in
1968 when he bought a collection of baseball cards, spanning the entire twentieth century. Much of Halper's collection is on display in Cooperstown, New York at the Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum.

Miriam Jacobs
- Dayton, Ohio philanthropist Miriam Jacobs was in many ways ahead of her time. Jacobs began
her collection by writing letters to baseball players, coaches and managers. Through out the years she recived
hundreds of autographs back in the mail. Along with her autograph collection she collected thousands of baseball
cards dating to the turn of the century. Her collection is now housed at the University of Dayton Roesch Library.

2009 INDUCTEES  Dr. Mark Cooper , John Gennantonio

Dr.Mark Cooper - Dr.Cooper turned to baseball board games at a young age and never turned away, compiling
the most comprehensive collection of home versions ever assembled. And his collection has been displayed at
The Baseball Hall of Fame & Museum in Cooperstown,New York. The collection of games dates from the 1860's.

John Gennantonio - Began collecting baseball cards when he was in grade school. He soon found that it wasn't cards he like to collect. It was the gloves, bats, baseballs and uniforms. After over 30 years in the hobby he is considered a leading expert in the field of 19th century baseball equipment.