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Baseball has been the prominent sport in American culture since the early 1800's. The Evolution of Baseball as a sport occurred through three main stages. These three stages are the bat and ball game, club based/ fraternal game, and finally the emergence into a commercial spectator sport.

The first stage of baseball was the bat and ball game, initiated in the 1830's. While most sports during this time were for the sole purpose of entertaining the wealthy, the commoners decided to construct a sport to play in their spare time. With the growing support of the bat and ball game, baseball fraternities were created. Baseball fraternities were the outcome of voluntary association in an attempt to make baseball a national sport.

In 1845, the movement was lead by Alexander Cartwright who gathered New York area ball players and formed a club called the New York Knickerbockers Base Ball Club. The New York baseball fraternity was created for the sole purpose of an athletic and social organization. The club elected officers, held regular meetings, and made bylaws that involved uniforms and regular playing rules.

The evolution of baseball is inseparable from the evolution of baseball equipment and the purpose of this website is to help define the different styles and eras of baseball equipment by allowing me to share my personal collection with you.
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